Cosmetic Gum Surgery

These procedures either lengthen teeth that appear short due to excess gums or graft gum tissue onto areas where recession exists. Gum recession, with exposed roots, predispose the teeth to thermal sensitivity, cavities and the need for root canal treatment.

Plastic Surgery Case Studies

Case Study 1

case study 1a

Patient concerned with appearance of pronounced recession.

case study 1b

Improved esthetics 3 weeks after soft tissue grafting to cover recession.

Case Study 2

case study 2a

Lower front tooth shows severe recession and patient reports pain with eating & brushing

case study 2b

Recession covered with Gingival Graft

Case Study 3

case study 3a

Progressive recession with roots covered by fillings

case study 3b

Photo shows lower teeth with severe recession on same patient

case study 3c

Fillings were removed from teeth in both upper and lower arches, roots were cleaned & covered with connective tissue grafts. This results in a very healthy and cosmetic gum line which is permanent.

Case Study 4

case study 4a

Uneven gum contours & large fillings are very unattractive.

case study 4b

Following periodontal plastic surgery & crowns, this patient has a beautiful smile.

Case Study 5

case study 5a

Multiple front teeth had severe periodontal disease and had to be pulled.

case study 5b

The upper tooth was replaced with an implant and the lower teeth were replaced with a bridge.

Case Study 6

case study 6a

Short appearing teeth with excess gum tissue.

case study 6b

After surgery to remove excess gum tissue.

Case Study 7

case study 7a

Another patient with uneven gum contours.

case study 7b

Periodontal plastic surgery was performed to correct contours.